H1B IMG/FMG News http://www.kidambi.com/news/non-immigrant-news/h1b-imgfmg-news.html Mon, 02 May 2016 01:18:50 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-us kidambi.law@gmail.com (Administrator of kidambi.com) Memo Informing USCIS of Extension of Conrad 30 Program for FMGs Seeking Waiver http://www.kidambi.com/news/non-immigrant-news/h1b-imgfmg-news/361-memo-informing-uscis-of-extension-of-conrad-30-program-for-fmgs-seeking-waiver.html http://www.kidambi.com/news/non-immigrant-news/h1b-imgfmg-news/361-memo-informing-uscis-of-extension-of-conrad-30-program-for-fmgs-seeking-waiver.html In a 1/29/07 Interoffice Memorandum, Michael Aytes, Associate Director, Domestic Operations, USCIS, notified officers of the two-year extension of the Conrad State 30 program until 6/1/08. Guidance is provided about the effect of the extension on the adjudication of Form I-612 and Form I-129.

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